Established in 2019, SEB Institute of welding and technology is a Ugandan nationally recognized Welding Institute of Technology, an educational research center in the welding industry. Fully registered with URSB 2020. Reg No: 80020002743105, SIWET, programs are designed to produce plant-level welding engineering technology graduates who are involved in the concept, design and engineering of weldments and implementation of welding processes in the manufacturing world both local and intentional. This overall knowledge of weldments and the ability to engineer welding and joining systems produces graduates who are in great demand and highly compensated.

As a recognized registered institute of welding expertise, we provide industry-focused certification, training and resources to help educators and their students to pursue higher levels of welding excellence. From actively teaching every spectrum of welding knowledge at our Welding Training & Technology Center.

The SEB Welding Technology & Training Center is dedicated to training educators, industry leaders and skilled trade workers in the craft and science of welding. Our curriculum and programs are designed to meet the needs of industry by addressing every segment of the skills and knowledge spectrum – from basic welding and teaching concepts up through the latest in advanced manufacturing technologies. The Center will be an internationally recognized foundation for the development of best practices in welding education, which we share with welding educators at every level.

SEB Institute of Welding and Technology is an educational arm of SEB Engineering Services Ltd, a fully a registered company (Reg No: 19692), and DIT assessment center level 1 and 2 with its line of engagement in Manufacturing, Engineering, Education and Consultancy. SEB Engineering has embraced a holistic view to enterprise-based training. In Uganda, Vocational/ technical training has been synonymous with public/ private vocational/ technical training institutions, which are instruction based. This has continually created challenges of passing out trainees with more theories and knowledge but less in practical experience as required by the industry/ workplace. Since then, Seb Engineering has incorporated the dimension of training interested workers in specialized welding and its applications. The component of training has been in offering for now 5years since 2015 with 250 trainees so far have benefited with a goal of Empowering workforce for increased productivity and improved competitiveness in the welding and metal fabrication Industry.

The mission of Seb institute of welding and technology (SIWET) is to identify and meet the  workforce needs in the community through innovative, accessible, and dynamic programs. Our partnerships with training institutions, local business and industry ensure that our programs are constantly relevant, so that you will be ready to succeed in tomorrow’s careers.

SIWET encourages each student to aspire to the best he or she can be in academic, business, social, professional, and personal endeavors. Whatever the academic interest, we strive to offer the best education possible. Through our emphasis on curriculum, low student-teacher ratios (maximum of 1 instructor per 10 students) and practical, real life experience we hope to ensure that the SIWET student has is meticulously prepared. 

To bridge the gap of skilled welding professionals in the welding manufacturing industry.


To promote the Educational advancement of the science, art, process, occupation, practice and standard of welding and other processes associated with or having the same or similar functions or purposes as welding or other allied, ancillary or complementary sciences, arts, processes and occupations and industries (welding, associated processes and other allied, ancillary or complementary sciences, arts, processes and occupations being hereinafter referred to as ‘welding’).

To undertake, arrange, supervise, provide facilities for and otherwise promote and assist in research with respect to welding and its technology.

To undertake, arrange and promote the transfer of welding technology for the benefit of the welding manufacturing industry.

To undertake, arrange and promote education, training, qualification, certification, consultancy and technical support for the benefit of the welding industry in Uganda and internationally.

To promote the advancement of welding technology and associated industries locally and across borders.

SIWET Values


  • Promoting the highest level of ethical behavior and professionalism. 

  • A sense of honesty and fairness.

We acknowledge the dignity, the equality and the value of every individual. 

We encourage individual differences of opinions, thoughts, and ideas. 


We promote excellence and quality in programs and services. 

We provide opportunities to work together to further excellence, efficiency and growth.

SIWET Philosophy
Mission Statement

SIWET is committed to using its vast knowledge in the field of welding to provide services to our students that facilitate personal growth, professional development, and a sense of responsibility.

SIWET is committed to helping individuals develop marketable welding skills through quality training at a minimum cost. We are also committed to making industry more competitive by conducting training to solve welding related problems.

The primary purpose SIWET is developing a high level of competency, with an emphasis on work ethic; which is accomplished through the pursuit, assimilation and dissemination of knowledge in academic programs. 

SIWET aims to increase student knowledge to the level of professionalism required in today competitive work environment. We will also strive to create an awareness of professional and social responsibilities and instill an appreciation of the principles of ethical conduct.

SIWET does not discriminate on the basis of disability, race, color, religion, sex, national origin or age.

Principle and Purpose

“Real life training for real life work environments”