Welder Fabricator

Metal fabrication is the process of creating or building a usable product out of metal. Raw materials are bent, shaped, welded or cut to complete the final product. All of the tasks during the fabrication process, from start to finish, are completed at the hands of a welder fabricator. Many welder fabricators possess the skills, knowledge, and passion to fabricate custom cars, motorcycles, metal art, and much more!


A typical welder fabricator is tasked with constructing a variety of metal objects. Metal construction often requires more than just welding.  Welder fabricators could be responsible for:

  • Machining fabrication materials and components

  • Fitting, setting, and installing fabricated structures

  • Cutting and welding with a variety of processes

  • Metal forming, bending, and finishing

  • Repair, design, layout, and estimation

  • Overseeing shop hands or helpers

  • Many other industry/trade specific responsibilities

Education & Training

There are many ways to start a career as a welder fabricator. Like every career, education and training lead to further success.

Minimum Education

High school diploma or equivalent.

Advanced Education

Associate degree in welding, metals fabrication, machining, etc.

Recommended Education

Certificate in welding, metals fabrication, machining, etc.

Recommended Training

Related work experience

Advanced Training

Apprenticeship program

Recommended Certification

AWS Certified Welder or Welding Fabricator


Problem solving

Critical thinking

Blueprint reading

Primarily in a shop with a variety of fabrication equipment. Occasional field work and travel may be required.